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The Forum > Article Comments > Building on family values can 'Sock it to Suicide' > Comments

Building on family values can 'Sock it to Suicide' : Comments

By Kay Stroud, published 19/10/2012

The health community is beginning to acknowledge that whole-person or holistic health care has the best results, and strikingly so in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and among young refugees.

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Agree: Observation, evidence, call it what you will, emanating from incomprehensibly shameful Romanian Orphanages, or Russian long day-care centres, indicate that children, particularly very young children, need lots of tactile contact!
Stroking cuddling etc.
To form normal forward-looking optimistic personalities!
As opposed to the almost professional victim personalities or psychosis of those left largely untouched and or unloved.
The worst seeming to be found in Romanian institutions, where very small routinely starved or quite grossly under-fed children, were left for days, to lay in their own urine socked clothing and bedding, faeces and or vomit!
Often emaciated and covered in rashes, flea bites etc/etc/etc!
Where are they now?
How about roaming the streets at night, armed with knives, clubs or firearms, abusing each other, women, alcohol or drugs; and or, mindlessly looking for someone to punish or retaliate against? And doesn't that have a familiar ring?
There is absolutely no way to undervalue the touch of loving, caring and concerned, sober and dry, normal loving parents and or Grandparents; or holistic health care!
And babies that can sleep safe at night; and or, not endlessly subjected to endlessly arguing, or humbugging, or abusive, or violent parents!
In addressing these and or any other completely outdated stone age customs or totally irrelevant, so-called cultural issues? Hopefully, occasionally?
Let's not try to confuse and or confound the real issues; or try to turn pig's ears into silk purses!
Know the truth and the truth will set you free!
Wife bashing and or child abuse is just that, no more no less; and there never ever was a cultural licence for it, or any of that wrong colour racist BS or humbug!
let's not repeat the mistakes of the past, and demand a black way or a white way!
When all that is ever required, is a right way!
Posted by Rhrosty, Saturday, 20 October 2012 12:30:48 PM
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