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Salam Fayyad, the World Bank and the Oslo game : Comments

By Neve Gordon, published 28/9/2012

Most Palestinian analysts maintain that the Oslo agreements are to blame for the collapse of the Palestinian economy.

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There seems to be a core of logic in the centre of the article.
The problem for Palestine and Palestinians, is a complete lack of social cohesion or speaking with one voice. They seem to be fighting over the endlessly diminishing spoils of defeat, in a wasteful, downward, economy harming spiral?
Were they to get their act together and unite behind a genuinely democratically elected leader, who would have a legitimate mandate to speak for Palestine, they could bring inexorable irresistible peaceful pressure on Israel!
Pressure to stop with the seizure of land, [enough already,] and the end of settlement building.
Too much of too few and inordinately scarce resources are wasted on largely symbolic resistance.
Given this is so, the end resultant waste, causes international aid and sympathy, to simply dry up?
Israel as never before, needs to come to a peaceful accord, negotiated agreed final borders and a two state solution; and before 2014!
Look, the pages of history once accurately recorded, can never ever be erased!
If those pages are full of stories of persecution and reprisal, none of them can be erased, by more of the same of even worse atrocities! Violence only ever begets more violence!
And a tooth for a tooth, an eye for an eye, revenge reprisals; ultimately, can only ever beget, a few surviving blind toothless beggars and beckoning endless hell?
It is time to set aside the hate, forgive the past, and crack on with building a peaceful Island in a sea of insanity, while there remains time!
So little of which is left!
Posted by Rhrosty, Friday, 28 September 2012 12:46:44 PM
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