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Understanding Iran's perception of Syrian turbulence : Comments

By Ali Omidi, published 30/7/2012

Unlike other Arab revolutions, the uprising against President Assad in Syria has not been supported by Tehran

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From the outset of demonstrations in Syria it was obvious that it was not another Arab Spring and the opposition was weak and fragmented. It was at this time, right at the beginning of the disturbances that it was also internationalized with America and Saudi Arabia arming the opposition.

The myth that Syria is an implacable enemy of Israel is only true when applied for political regional consumption the truth is quite the opposite. Since the conclusion of the Sinai war of October 1973 the Israeli/Syrian border has not witnessed a single incident.

Reminiscent of the Palestinian elections and the surprise result an almost total victory of Hamas has cooled both America and Israel's desire for democracy in the Middle East where democracy only works if the party supported by the West wins.

Syria is recognized in the UN as a sovereign state and the government as the recognized representative of the country. As such America and Saudi Arabia are contravening the UN law that specifies that no third country is allowed to interfere in the internal affairs of a sovereign state.

Iran is the most docile country in the Middle East has attacked no other country though it has been invaded by Iraq at America’s and Saudi Arabia’s behest. Today it is being covertly attacked by America and Israel. The continuous threat of war from the most inept American Secretary of State in a very long time is obsessed with draconian sanctions applied to both Syria and Iran.

Israel is also rattling its sabers and demanding that it be allowed to invade Iran and bomb its nuclear facilities and is strongly supported by Saudi Arabia which has agreed to open its airspace to facilitate Israel’s proposed criminal action.

It is my belief that Iran and Syria will tighten ties no matter what is said for public consumption. With the invasion and occupation of Iraq and Libya put almost all Arab countries now as American puppets and for that point alone Iran and Syria will remain close allies with Hezbollah and Hamas.
Posted by Ulis, Monday, 30 July 2012 1:01:36 PM
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