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The Forum > Article Comments > Re-opening supply routes won't stop Pakistan covertly supporting al-Qaida-linked terrorists > Comments

Re-opening supply routes won't stop Pakistan covertly supporting al-Qaida-linked terrorists : Comments

By Ehsan Stanizai, published 11/7/2012

The only weapon that Pakistan has in order to ensure its control of Afghanistan is covert support for the violent religious extremist group known as the Haqqani network.

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Pakistan's double edged policy is pretty much what its been for decades. The only difference is the varying amounts of aid/bribe money the US, China and Saudis provide Pakistan so it, to a degree, will support their interests.

As to para 5 of the article:

"No one ever has seriously asked Pakistan so far, as to how the world’s most wanted terrorist responsible for mass murders and devastation, was found hiding in a mansion in a Pakistani garrison town with his wives and eighteen family members and also with satellite dishes and computers."

I have asked and answered why.

It is no surprise the US never "seriously asked Pakistan" where bin Laden was because the US, with its three thousand Pakistani agents, already knew since 2005.

The author needs to extend his thinking beyond the official Pakistan and US line that they didn't know where bin Laden was since 2005. Bin Laden wasn't truly "hiding" he was under house arrest behind the 6 metre high walls of Abbottabad from 2005 until his planned execution in May 2011.

I suggest the author read .

President Obama is milking for all it is worth the line (for November 2012 electoral purposes) that he discovered bin Laden. In several years US scholars and journalists in Washington will discover the more likely narrative about bin Laden that I am arguing. This narrative will then become respectable to those who distrust Australian ideas.

It may also educate the author if he reads this article that in some ways corroborates my alternate narrative.

Posted by plantagenet, Wednesday, 11 July 2012 8:57:08 AM
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