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The Forum > Article Comments > All eyes on Bligh-Newman showdown > Comments

All eyes on Bligh-Newman showdown : Comments

By Scott Prasser, published 10/1/2012

Not only is Labor on trial in the next Queensland election, but so is the merged Liberal National model.

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...Any hope and trust in the Australian “Politic” is long gone in the minds of ordinary Australians. One topical point alone; after all the huff and puff of the QLD flood enquiry, it is now apparent that the Insurance Industry have escaped, not only past miss-deeds, but escaped much “richer and wiser”.

...The “richer”, due to skyrocketing premiums applicable to those in flood zones in Brisbane, and their refusal to pay out on dodgy policies from the pre-flood era; and the wiser; due to the elimination of the “discontent” from their books by rendering their policies unaffordable. Naturally, as before, the burden of future flood reconstruction will fall on the shoulders of the “tax payer”, the same “tax payer” unable to afford the expensive premiums, and the good-will of fellow Australians, to come again to the party with personal donations to the afflicted.

...For Politicians to remain mute to this example of corporate belligerence, and the obvious crime it is, defies the everyday man! Here alone is a disgusting state of affairs, overseen and complied with, in muted silence by all Political parties of all shades and colours. How can “trust” prevail in these conditions alone?
Posted by diver dan, Tuesday, 10 January 2012 9:26:42 AM
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Initially I was not a fan of Anna Bligh, and there are still points I would argue with her, but during our 'Summer of disasters' Anna showed true leadership.

Where were the opposition during the seemingly endless disasters? The then leader of the opposition was no-where to be seen. Campbell Newman, the outsider leader of the opposition and then Mayor of Brisbane, seemed overly intent on getting the Feds to pay for the floating walkway damaged in the floods. He whined etc but failed to impress.

Anna gained international recognition for her outstanding leadership during the floods. Cyclone Yasi cemented Anna Bligh's position internationally as an exceptional leader. (I have spoken to international experts on disaster management/planning who have told me this.)

When Yasi came roaring into the Mission Beach-Tully-Cardwell area, it was Anna that we saw, not the LNP. (Mind you Swan visited for a photo op and was underwhelming). Katter was very active. Our local LNP rep demonstrated time and again he is all about politics not representation as he regularly made dumb and ill informed statements about how well everyone was recovering. Total BS at the time.

After Yasi Cardwell experienced serious flooding made far worse because of the debris from Yasi in the drains and creeks. Local council told Anna that it was normal, but when she heard otherwise Anna was up here via chopper. I know because while we were flooded in we heard the chopper flying low and we saw her on local TV news talking to locals about it.

Even though there are things I disagree with Anna and her govt, I want a person who is a real leader as Premier.

So, during the summer of disasters, I know where Anna was - working hard and demonstrating real leadership. To the LNP = where the bloody hell were you?
Posted by Aka, Tuesday, 10 January 2012 11:25:55 AM
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I agree. Although a liberal voter i was most impressed by Ms Blighs performance and the leadership she showed. For mine she would make a much better PM than the incumbent.
Posted by eyeinthesky, Tuesday, 10 January 2012 2:11:43 PM
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Standing in front of a camera, wearing a trademark bushie hat and telling us all in quite sickening tones that we are special cos we are Queenslanders may pass as leadership to others but I'd rather look to what she has done afterwards.

Someone mentioned the insurance wheezes, did she resolve them?

Has she fixed the SES and paid Emergency Services crews?

Are councils being told to empty the flood areas of housing and to stop pandering to greedy 'developers' who profit so handsomely from selling underwtaer blocks?

The single answer to all above is 'No'.

As for Bligh's record in government, it is not good.

Who would ever have thought Beattie, the old 'media tart', was actually a reasonable premier, by Queensland standards anyway?

Not me, but compared to Bligh he was a shining star!

Cando Newman sounds like an empty vase, but not living in Brisbane I have no idea if he imporved it or if it was just another more of the same.

He was certainly a less prickly character than the last ALP saint, Jim Soorley, who was not sorely missed when he left.

One never hopes for a National Party win anywhere, and the LNP is really just a rebadged National mob, but it is too painful to actually hope Bligh does win.

In fact, it would teach the ALP a lesson if they lost, not that they'd ever take the trouble to understand why they lost.

I have now reached the point where, in my seat, I will vote for all the ratbags and no-hopers before the major parties, and park my useless vote with the Greens, exhausting it before gifting it to either ALP or LNP.
Posted by The Blue Cross, Monday, 16 January 2012 9:39:00 AM
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