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The Forum > Article Comments > What are Australia's just deserts? > Comments

What are Australia's just deserts? : Comments

By Noel Wauchope, published 15/12/2011

The premise that Santa would reward and punish is just not on. Santa never had a clue on who’s naughty and nice, as I will explain later. And he never will – so no point in idle speculation about justice and Santa – the two are incompatible.

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A meme for everyone to interact courteously with each other. It's a nice idea.
But I would rather cut to the chase, get real.
Australia's just deserts could end up pretty crappy, if Australians don't start jumping up and down and caring about this land, its people (especially its Aboriginal people), and the planet as a whole.
Australia has a Government and an Opposition whose members have but one goal - each to hang onto their job and their seat in Parliament at all costs.
Time to unseat some of them
I would start with Martin Ferguson. It is scandalous that Australians put up with a so-called Minister For Energy whose actual job functions as the Minister Against Renewable Energy. Ferguson is a toady to the nuclear lobby. Put him somewhere else. He could be the Minister for Tatty Christmas Decorations - or anything, really, that does not impinge on Australia's future.
Posted by ChristinaMac1, Thursday, 15 December 2011 9:55:57 AM
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I agree with you absolutely. I think you have put your finger on the one thing that can lead to resolution of all world conflict and divert humankind from the destructive path of narrow self-interest it has been following for centuries. Mind you, simple as it sounds, this will require a virtual revolution in global thinking, requiring many to amend or even divest themselves of some deeply ingrained belief systems which mitigate against adoption of a universal vision for the future of humanity.

Many will say "pie in the sky, it will never happen". But, it is this very thinking which infects all local, national and international negotiation and collaboration, limiting possibilities from the outset.

Nations, cultures and religions have invested enormous effort in fabricating barriers to insulate themselves from honest positive interaction with 'other' groups and 'other' interests, setting themselves apart, and being used to justify all manner of prejudice, intolerance, hatred and conflict, and underhanded dealings. It will take enormous effort to breach these barriers and replace them with an ethic of common interest.

A universal philosophy and 'meme' of positive interaction and cooperation is a most worthy objective, and may well represent the only viable mechanism for achieving lasting world peace and prosperity. Such a vision will however require a complete overhaul of global banking, equity and trade systems, and a major revision of immigration policy on a worldwide basis. A mammoth undertaking.

Can nations be truly open and honest with each other, and set aside personal interest in favour of the common good, thereby enabling the United Nations to finally realise its highest objectives and aspirations? Let us hope so, for the benefit of future generations.
Posted by Saltpetre, Saturday, 17 December 2011 10:37:43 AM
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