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The Forum > Article Comments > Mending Dr PEMBy’s broken ladder > Comments

Mending Dr PEMBy’s broken ladder : Comments

By Cameron Leckie, published 1/11/2011

The basis of any economy and society should be healthier, happier and more meaningful.

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Good article Cameron.

However the most parsimonious explanation of almost all the symptoms you list is the government/banking scam known as fractional reserve banking.

No need to posit the end of the world or society. Government force-marketing its debt as money, in a never-ending Ponzi scheme accounts for “increased volatility in financial markets, whether they be in stocks, bonds, commodities, or precious metals; debt increasing to the point where the interest payments place a significant burden on society; … increasing cost of living pressures on families and communities; increasing conflict between capital and labour; increasing political instability both in and between nations; increasing costs of dealing with the pollution caused by economic activity; and increasing difficulty in maintaining existing infrastructure and services.”

"First people stopped being scared to speak their mind, next they stopped taking the authorities seriously and finally the authorities stopped taking each other seriously."

Yeah that's great isn't it? That's what we need here.

We don't need to grow chooks in our backyard. We need to stop governments sodomising the money supply and with it the whole economy.
Posted by Jardine K. Jardine, Tuesday, 1 November 2011 8:09:49 AM
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Doomsday predictions remain an argumentative tool either to direct attention to particular ends or cover an absence of evidence. One might treat Dr PAMBy as a Straw Man; the CABAL of interests that are claimed to constitute Dr PAMBy are, as with Clifford, Arlington, Buckingham, Ashley, and Lauderdale (, neither unified nor capable of concerted effort.

Economics is not a science describing an unchangeable part of the world, something we have no choice over. Economics is the study of how we choose to interact in relation to trade. We live with the belief that life is about the individual and what they acquire – the saying “I’m just looking after myself” and phenomena such as the SKI generation (Spending the Kid’s Inheritance) arise from that. That belief leads to outcomes Leckie is dramatising.

Setting up a Straw Man relieves individuals of responsibility for the choices they make. That does not deny members of Dr PAMBy have their own responsibilities nor does it deny they have a significant impact. What it does point to is individuals can stop conveniently playing the helpless victim and take decisions in relation to what they do control.

Will individuals stop believing life is about themselves and what they have and consider life from other perspectives? Life always adheres to the worldview that people hold, until that changes behaviour wont; and that includes the behaviour of Dr PAMBy. Dr PAMBy reflects the society it exists in, society is not its helpless victim.
Posted by Cronus, Tuesday, 1 November 2011 8:43:37 AM
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…I must disagree with “Cronus”; Society IS its helpless victims, if governance of that society legislates an inability for the citizens of that society to take evasive action against the calamity of unemployment; against structural impediments to survival such as fuel prices, cost of housing, food prices; in a phrase, the cost of living compared to income.

...To simply maintain survival inside the cone of reasonable expectation of need for housing and food, being the “basis” of human need, flexibility must be promoted for its citizens and assisted by its Government, not legislated against: For example housing; where to live rough by cause of any of the above calamities, contravenes regulations and invites official reprisal.
Posted by diver dan, Tuesday, 1 November 2011 9:13:32 AM
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It is well said that we get the politicians we deserve. Milne’s article by that title reflects how politics is practiced ( Media’s control of the conduct of politics is seen conveniently as being imposed on society; yet that media follows the behaviour of its consumers – no one has a gun at the head making them consume any media. Media has to have an audience or it dies!

Our collective action has created governments which no longer govern; Philip Adams once allegorised the election of an Atheist to Pope to the election of governments which don’t want to govern. Given politicians are dammed if they do and dammed if they don’t why shouldn’t they follow their whims?

Shell faced a market that decided its decommissioning of Brent Spar had to occur as the market wanted; consumers stopped buying their product till they did as was expected. Shell’s original position was supported by history, but their failure to be transparent left them with a more expensive solution.

The structural failures of society are growing. A grand jury investigated game shows from the 50s/60s as to their integrity. Some 200 winners were interviewed and swore on oath no untoward behaviour went on. A winner had evidence proving otherwise and when reinterviewed all 200 were shown to have lied; they were complicit in the dishonesty as they were winners.

When all the pigs have their snout in the trough no one squeals.

Given the claims of the benefits of democracy changes will only occur when voters collectively chase understanding and transparency instead of superficiality and vote according to the needs of society not just out of personal benefit. Whilst Dan’s arguments are sound the solution will only come from a change in the belief that life is about ‘me’.

Governments and media are accurate reflectors of the society they exist in. Individuals can deliberately choose to find out accurately what is happening (media aren’t fools, they will follow the market) and vote on the basis of sound policy across the board not emotional headlines.
Posted by Cronus, Tuesday, 1 November 2011 10:19:29 AM
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Jardine K Jardine, yes good article, but why did these problems occur in the land of OZ?

Everybody seems to have forgotten the in which the communists were AT WAR with the western capitalist democracies for decades without actually shooting at each other, spying yes, shooting no.

Which brings us to the that is those people of the political left in our country who were silly enough to genuinely believe in communism & seek to communise Australia from within.

The & indeed all loony lefties world wide were all co-operating, (think globally, act locally) to destroy capitalism from within or communise/socialise it.

Here are some of the plans for world destruction/domination that the came up with over the last century or so. the PC, Thought Police, or "newspeak" as in "1984" an Orwellian nightmare indeed. while this particular plan was about America, consider #44 about the Panama canal, getting back to the cold war, does anybody remember the in which the & its involvement in the Suez Canal was attacked? an old friend of mine was in the at the time.

These UNaustralians in positions of influence have been "planing for failure" ever since, white anting everything, but most especially our education system which has been "progressively" failing ever since the mid 1960's.

Anybody who doubts this problem or its importance should read these,

Cronus, true "she'll be right mate" wont do it any more.

diver dan, also true, but Cronus has a point, we must do more than just vote once every 3 years.

Cronus, that has been becoming true lately as more people have been using electronic media like OLO & the old media have begun to realise that lying to us every day is not an endearing quality.

Dr PEMBy's prescriptions have been fed to us by the lame stream media for decades now & an increasing number of "the proletariat" have been turning to "alternative medicine" like the American we need something similar in the land of OZ.
Posted by Formersnag, Tuesday, 1 November 2011 11:26:19 AM
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