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The Forum > Article Comments > The future of Palestine statehood: the UN vote > Comments

The future of Palestine statehood: the UN vote : Comments

By Jo Coghlan, published 20/9/2011

How the United Nations has failed the self-determination claims of Palestine.

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This writer mentions a few UN Resolutions that have been ignored by Israel, all of which are relevant to the current climate, but failed to mention the hundreds of others that have also been ignored over time by this pariah state.

The UN as a world organisation is something of an anachronism in 2011 when you can see one compromised country, the US, using its veto to allow for the continuation of warlike activities by a parasitic state that should have been closed down decades ago. We have been subject to the charade called 'Peace Talks' with pictures of Obama, Clinton, Mubarak and the lone Palestinian Abbas, walking down the red carpet like a piece of theatre from a second-rate Hollywood film. The Americans were there as “honest brokers”, Mubarak as an “independent” friend of Palestine.

A touch of Hans Christian Andersen.

While such actions are tolerated by this toothless tiger, it has now lost the respect of members who, after being spectators at sixty years of cruelty to the people of Palestine, then tolerated an evil state like Israel running roughshod over decency and humanity, supposedly the basic tenets of the once-august UN.
By default it has condoned ethnic cleansing on a grand scale, apartheid practices as in South Africa, inhumanity likened to the worst excesses of the Third Reich from where they honed their Nazi skillsets, all the while being funded, subsidised and armed by the immoral United States while their own apathetic people continued to lose their welfare entitlements, suffered reductions in veterans health programs and saw taxation increases, all just to cover billions in funding for Israel.

Sixty years! How do all those puffed-up international 'diplomats' justify their roles in this Machiavellian plot against a country that had part of their historic land passed over to a group of people by an English politician called Balfour.

All this continues because of a US veto.

We all know that the US is well past its moral use-by date. but so is the United Nations for having allowed this inhumanity to have continued without resolution.
Posted by rexw, Tuesday, 20 September 2011 11:03:49 AM
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