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It's raining… damn Brussels! : Comments

By Pablo Jiménez Lobeira, published 15/9/2011

There is always someone else to blame, especially in Europe.

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The EU project is great in theory but not necessarily in practice given the massive inefficient institutions that are choked by a myriad of problems including the need for consensus on just about everything and mountains of red tape and ever growing regulations. The EU has repeatedly failed to live up to its own standards, values and desired image. For example, it is putting undue pressure on the Republic of Macedonia to give up on its constitutional and biblical name, as part of the conditions for entering the EU, just to satisfy the whims of its irresponsible, bullying and bankrupt member the Hellenic Republic.

EU foreign policy is also a source of concern as it has become an instrument for regime change especially outside its borders.

A growing number of citizens in the EU are not happy with the direction and performance of the EU and see it as a sinking ship. The EU economic and integration model has been rejected in the Asia Pacific. The EU must be seen for what it is and not what it could become. The fat cats in Brussels and throughout the EU need to get their act together quickly and deliver better outcomes for Europe and the world if the EU is to remain relevant. Arrogance and poor leadership must be replaced with impact oriented policies and programs.
Posted by Macedonian advocacy, Thursday, 15 September 2011 10:15:12 AM
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The author paints a very nice rosy picture of the EU. How sweet.

'Macedonian advocacy' paints a much more realistic picture. Good on you Mac.

The EU, better known as the UN, and currently, better known as NATO convolute their existences and beings with obfuscation.

For EU, UN, NATO read instead one phrase - "One World governance".

They are, beyond any shadow of a doubt, pushing hard to go there. But losing it.

I'm watching as they continue to crumble and I'm enjoying it. Well sort of. I hate to see once decent and morally proud world entities wither and die with a disease. It's not nice. But when disease infects morality, those infected do fail. It's inevitable. Eventually.

But look on the bright side. The EU, UN and NATO are each beginning to slide into obscurity just like those before them in history. It's what happens naturally to the arrogant but it's salvation for humanity. In their place are the powerful and emerging entities of China, India, Islam and of course, all the little eastern nations of Europe. It's going to come. Sooner or later. In fact I'm constantly surprised at just how quickly the decline and fall is occurring. It's much faster than I would have ever expected.

So whatever. I believe it's good stuff - even though these new entities won't be free of their own peculiar corruptions, at least for a while there'll be a light breeze of enlightened global fresh air.

Don't believe me? Well, you wait and see. But you won't have to wait too long. About five years I reckon.

Bring it on.
Posted by voxUnius, Thursday, 15 September 2011 8:27:23 PM
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