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The Forum > Article Comments > NSW in a parallel universe on GM crops > Comments

NSW in a parallel universe on GM crops : Comments

By David Leyonhjelm, published 6/7/2011

The NSW government has just extended its moratorium on genetically modified crops for 10 years while pretending it knows something about trade.

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If I can bring the discussion back to a more basic level:

I understand why skepticism about GM crops seems misplaced. This wheat, for example, is just wheat which just happens to have a mutation, which just happens to have been caused deliberately by humans. It could just as easily have happened by chance in nature. It's just food. There's no way it can harm you. In fact, there are many benefits associated with growing this wheat, including pesticide-free pest resistance, drought resistance, more nutritional value, etc.

The issue, it seems to me, is: We presumably all thought the same things about feeding biscuits made of sheep to cows - that it was harmless etc. etc. But surprise, surprise: there were unforeseen consequences in the form of mad cow disease and prions and all that.

How can we citizens be assured that it really is OK this time and that there are no nasty unforeseen consequences lurking around the corner?

Until then, the NSW legislation is our last line of defence when scary 'frankenfood' gets through the Commonwealth's filter.
Posted by Pastel Blue, Thursday, 7 July 2011 12:27:12 AM
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