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The Forum > Article Comments > Arab Spring, Israeli Winter > Comments

Arab Spring, Israeli Winter : Comments

By Sam Vaknin, published 14/6/2011

Israel, the Big Powers, and the true New World Order.

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Israel could not have a more compliant ally than the USA. No mention is made that substantially more powerful than the 200 nuclear war heads that Israel possess is the American gift of its veto power on the UN Security Council a gift arranged by Dr Henry Kissinger.

At the beginning of the October 1973 war when Egypt broke through the Bar Lev line Golda Meir frantically phoned President Nixon and told him that if Israel didn't receive an immediate shipment of arms Israel was prepared to Nuke Cairo. What followed was the single biggest transfer of arms in the history of the world.

The Israelis have become so powerful in the USA and with Congress which is fed by AIPAC the biggest and most successful lobby group in Washington (Zionist) that recently the world witnessed the absolute humiliation of President Obama by Prime Minister Netanyahu in the USA addressing Congress he managed seven nos

1. No moratorium on settlement expansion
2. No to the cessation of the Judaism of East Jerusalem
3. No to a State capital in East Jerusalem in any future Palestinian state.
4. No negotiations with Hamas.
5. No negotiations without all Palestinians represented.
6. No to total Israeli troop removal from the occupied territories after a peace treaty is signed.
7. No to the right of return

And Netanyahu wants peace talks to commence as soon as possible without preconditions what are the seven points above?

Yes Israeli support in the world is declining. The Palestinians will not get their state recognized in September as President Obama has made it abundantly clear that he will veto any such move. President Abbas is highly unlikely to re-enter peace negotiations with Netanyahu while settlement building continues.

A war is on the cards but who will Israel attack? Iran, Hezbollah or Gaza, one is never certain with Israel but the status quo between the illegal occupied territories and Israel cannot continue. Israel must be forced to abide by international laws specifically Resolution 242 of June 1967 or accept a cessation of US largesse and hard, far reaching sanctions.
Posted by Ulis, Tuesday, 14 June 2011 11:05:44 AM
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Lots of good facts listed here today and the overall assessment of both the past actions of Israel as the world’s #1 pariah state and its potential opportunities for further disruption to the peace of the world including a Palestinian solution.
A comment made that the Palestine Resolution in the UN in September will not be ratified is a sombre look at future events in that place. As it has been recently reported, efforts are being made by Israel in bribing countries like Tonga to secure their vote against Palestine. I would suspect all the other countries who are able to be threatened or bribed by tourism promises (in the case of Tonga), is well under way.

As we are all well aware, recent multiple visits to Israel by our own Foreign Minister, the galloping Mr. Rudd, have probably been for that purpose as well. You vote us into the Security Council and we will sell our vote on Palestine in return. Quid pro quo. Rudd has finalised realised that his assassination was engineered by Gillard and her Zionists in Melbourne. He picks things up very quickly.

A not-too-well-publicised fact is the current estimate that over half a million Jews from all over Israel have secured passports to return to other European countries, some from whence they came. A migration away from Israel is a realistic goal for so many. They have had enough of the Zionists who have completely lost sight of the reason the state of Israel was established, a home for Jews. It has now become a home for Zionists, militarists, little interested in a peaceful coexistence or any form of decent relationship with any other country save those like the US who fund their militarist ambitions to the tune of billions per year and who use their veto in the UN to prop up an evil state.

Had the US shown some international leadership, the lack of which was well detailed in this article today, then a solution could have been in place back in the days of Kennedy

But he was stopped.
Posted by rexw, Tuesday, 14 June 2011 1:26:41 PM
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What’s it like down there in the garden, dancing with the fairies, Sam Vatkin?

Just in case you haven’t noticed, Sam, more and more Europeans are figuring out just how dangerous the Muslims in their countries are. So they are unlikely to support the Arabs in their desire to liquidate Israel, because the Euros identify with the Israelis. It would be fair to presume that most of those Europeans who foresee real trouble in Europe with their Muslim minorities, look to Israel as their natural ally.

The only western politicians who support the Arab cause, are those crafty enough to make platitudes towards the Arabs in exchange for Arab oil. That will last only until the Arabs run out of oil, in which case the Arabs can go and get stuffed. The only other western politicians who support the idea of an Arab extermination of Israel, are the sort of loonies now in charge of Marrackville Council.

As a matter of fact, Sam, your own opinions on this subject should make you a natural candidate for election to that august body. Unfortunately, the opinions of that council seem to have got it into hot water with their own Labor party leadership.

Now, I want you to think about that, Sam.

Even the leadership of a left wing party noted for sucking up to Muslims is afraid of an electoral backlash if they go too far in supporting the Arabs. Why do you think that is so, Sam?

Could I submit, that the reason why it is so, is because most Australians despise the Muslims and admire the Israelis? And most Europenas think the same way that we do, only they are more inclined to admire the Israelis, because they consider that the Muslims in their countries are a significant and growing threat.

So you can forget any idea about western nations turning their backs on Israel, Sam old mate. Any western government outside of western self loather areas, will find themselves out of office faster than a rat up a drainpipe.
Posted by LEGO, Tuesday, 14 June 2011 7:04:52 PM
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Another one-sided article devoid of any real content. For your information, Sam, the reason Israel won't make peace with so much of the Arab/ Muslim world is that they won't make peace with a Jewish Israel. Jordan and Egypt are the minority, and made their individual peace with Israel for pragmatic, domestic reasons, and will break it whenever they think it helps them. Hence the gas pipeline business.
Opinion, in both these and all other Arab/ Muslim countries, is in favour of wiping Israel off the map. The PA and Hamas are at one on this issue, only differing on timetable and methodology, and they have the vast majority of the palesinian Arabs behind them. (Even former US President Carter said that a palestinian leader who made peace with Israel cannot expect to survive.)
The so-called Arab spring going on at the moment is no such thing - Greece is going through as much. Because Arabs have no history of democracy, and can hardly get over their tribal history, the current unrest is much more likely to result in a whole lot more Somalias than a whole lot more Turkeys.
And the West needs Arab oil, but not for much longer. The push for renewable energy will become a push to distance the West from Arab politics, and it couldn't happen to a more deserving recipient.
Israel is a great survivor, out of sheer necessity, and the numbers leaving are dwarfed by the numbers leaving Arab/ Muslim countries, for much better reasons.
Politicians in the West need to start thinking what will happen to a defenseless Israel, and start educating their constituencies. If the Arab Muslims will stop fighting, the (at present low-level) war will be over. If the Israelis signal that they won't, or can't, fight, there will be a true genocide, which the West will have great difficulty forgiving themselves for, and most likely will be unable to forgive the Arab/ Muslims for.
Posted by camo, Monday, 20 June 2011 3:02:07 PM
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Cameo I can understand to a degree that in the past Israel might have suffered from paranoia expecting the second coming of a Hitleresque type of genocide maniac. What I can't understand is Israel's continued fear, who does Israel fear?

Egypt is the biggest of all Arab countries and it is considered the leader as no Arab has any respect for the richest Arab King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia. The Arab Spring isn't about Israel it's about Arabs. A new Egypt I think you'll find will develop warmer ties if Israel is interested. They aren't carrying the luggage of the past and many today recognize Israel as a possible asset if they are willing without the racists like Avigdor Lieberman in Israel's current government.

Israel prefers that Assad remain President of Syria as he talks the talk but Syria obeys every comma of the cease fire agreement between the two countries. The Assads haven't moved an inch since 1973 and they never will. Again Israel is living in the past. When Bashar Assad is toppled I think that a new democratic government will be eager to make a binding peace with Israel so that it can concentrate on improving the lot of its own country.

Lebanon would be right beside Syria. Lebanon is a pragmatic country. Prior to the civil war (1975-1990) it was economically very sound with few natural assets. It had no intention of going to war with Israel again and therefore concentrated its money on improving the State instead of arms.

Palestine has done everything but get on its knees to beg Israel for some land to develop its own State. If peace was made between the two countries Palestine would be far more concerned in building a Republic with all its institutions than fighting Israel.

Israel doesn't get it the Arabs have accepted defeat unconditionally. They have surrendered 78% of the original Palestine and they are trying to secure enough of the 22% remaining to establish a state. Or has Israel understood it and doesn’t want to surrender any of the remaining land?
Posted by Ulis, Monday, 20 June 2011 9:38:13 PM
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Ulis, it would be nice if you were right, but not all Arabs/ Muslims have accepted defeat regarding Israel. You ask, who does Israel fear? Only those who say they want to kill Jews, who shoot rockets accross shared borders with Israel, and who even apologise when they kill non-Jewish Israelis. Only those who organise, fund, and train others to kill Jews.
Palestinian opinion polls show overwhelming support for Hamas' policy of shooting anti-personnel rockets into Israel, which they do on a daily basis. These rockets are targetted on civilians, in an effort to terrorise them, and have no military value.
New Egypt has cut gas supplies to Israel, and opened the border with Gaza without making the effort to stop munitions being brought in.
Popular support in southern Lebenon for Hezbullah's rocket campaign against Israel is so high that people let their houses be used for the firing of those rockets fom civilian areas, thus making any Israeli effort to stop those attacks fraught with the danger of civilian casualties. And Hezbullah is a significant part of the Lebanese government.
And regarding proportions, 3/4 of the original British Mandate of Palestine was carved off for the state of Transjordan, in which the Hashemite rulers insist that no Jews live, right up until today. In 1948 the UN cut the remainder in half, allocating the poorer land to the Jewish state, as that was the land which Jews had been able to purchase from the Arabs up until that time. When the 5 surrounding Arab/ Muslim states lost the war they started against the new state of Israel, they lost the right to determine the shape of the peace. If this were not the case, nations would be much quicker to start wars. But then, they have been, as the palestinian Arabs have been, quick to attack Israel, and only the oil riches of much of Arab Islam prevents them from bearing the consequences of having done so.
I wish things were different, and maybe this Arab Spring will change things, but they've got a long way to go.
Posted by camo, Tuesday, 21 June 2011 5:02:41 PM
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