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Dearest Nawal : Comments

By Zillah Eisenstein, published 25/3/2011

A fresh democratic wind blows from women in Tahrir Square

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Reminds me of the following

“Leila Ben Ali (nee Trabelsi) has been active in philanthropy and humanitarian work in her role as first lady. She founded the Basma Association in 2000 to help secure employment for the disabled, and has chaired the organization ever since. Under her leadership the association has provided micro-finance loans, secured employment for many and opened a center for the disabled in October 2010.[5] The center provides technical training in a number of fields including computer science, embroidery, carpentry, theater and music.

On 20 January 2011, Tunisian television reported that 33 members of Ben Ali's family had been arrested in the past week, as they tried to flee the country.

Leila Trabelsi reportedly took 1.5 tonnes of gold from the central bank when she and her family fled to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.”

Having women in power is not an automatic way to solve any problem, or an automatic way to reduce corruption.
Posted by vanna, Friday, 25 March 2011 6:30:33 AM
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It is incredible that with the worldwide collapse of Socialism, there are still a few old dinosaurs like Zillah Eisenstein standing on soapboxes denouncing Capitalism.

Zillah does not like Capitalism, and naturally that equates to a complete detestation of the USA, which is the most powerful capitalist society on Earth. Zillah thinks that it just horrendous that females in the USA do not have absolute equality with men. One wonders whether this means that Zillah thinks that male and female toilets and change rooms are a sexist abominations.

It is interesting how her hatred of sexist USA can lead her to some rather odd reasoning, when it comes to Egypt.

Zillah muses that the USA supported Hosni Mubarak, and Egypt is a very sexist country which oppresses Egyptian women, therefore the oppression of Egyptian women was all the fault of the USA.

Spock would say, "But captain, that is illogical". How are the fairies in the bottom of your garden, Zillah?

Of course, people with a more developed sense of critical analysis might suggest that the reason for the oppression of women in Egypt, just might have a teeny little bit to do with Islam. But nowhere in Zillah’s article does she even suggest this. Denouncing Islam would be Racism.

Then she hints that capitalism has failed the Arab world, leading to unemployment and poverty. That’s funny, it capitalism does not seem to have failed the Asian world, who’s manufacturing and industrial economies are going from strength to strength. Neither does Zillah mention that generations of Arab despots have proudly called themselves “socialists” which meant that they did not have a clue how to run an economy.

Nor does Zillah mention that it is still all the rage in Muslim societies to have as many kids as possible, meaning that their poorly governed and mullah infested countries are now seriously overpopulated. And that means that generations of young Arabs are being born into countries with stagnant economies which have no way to ever provide jobs or a reasonable standard of living.

God, where does OLO get these left wing cretins?
Posted by LEGO, Saturday, 26 March 2011 3:52:30 PM
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