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The Forum > Article Comments > Do climate policies have a budget 'black hole'? > Comments

Do climate policies have a budget 'black hole'? : Comments

By Geoff Carmody, published 23/3/2011

Tax reform has to be bought by paying-off electors, but where is the bribe to come from with the carbon tax?

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Before I can say too much about the current arguments which I believe must be addressed, as they are by the government forum, the government itself and by the rationally concerned public I believe the power companies themselves ought the be checked.

Bills are flying out in all directions.

My last summer bill was $987 from ActewAGL. with no hot water, no stove, no air conditioner, 1x light, 1 x small fridge and 1 x TV 2 hours for news.

Of course it is a mistake. The point is they didn't believe it as a mistake. Rather it was a demeaning arrogance and pompous defense.

With No apology, customer courtesy the next bill-adjusted was $257. Still a mistake for a single rental household running on a mere fraction of usage given the fear one has with Canberra's prices. Note to according my own research most flats of my type with hot-water switched on, full use of the stove and other appliances were between $120-$160. Households with families I spoke to were either less than or just over $250.

I paid something while I asked them to review the bill. Two months later I have still not heard from them.

It is not the Climate Change issues and changes I worry about. It is however the "accountability" aspects of these companies, as with others to do with essential services that make "PI" constellation of us all.

The Time Is Now, however for many it is these kind of issues that frighten good sense.

Trust starts at Home.
Posted by miacat, Wednesday, 23 March 2011 11:36:55 PM
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