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The Forum > Article Comments > Neoliberalism degrades disabled > Comments

Neoliberalism degrades disabled : Comments

By Peter Gibilisco, published 22/2/2011

Calls by the Business Council to take money from the disability sector are indicative of an ongoing neoliberal plan to downgrade disability.

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"Neoliberalism degrades disabled" ... AND the 800,000 plus unpaid family members across Australia (Carers) who are forced to give up work or the opportunity to engage in PAID employment and, instead, provide year-round 24/7 personal care and the special accommodation needs for relatives suffering from severe and profound disability.

Both these highly vulnerable groups, and in particular the cohort of ageing parent-carers among them, also suffer from the severe and profound indifference towards their plight (and that of their disabled son or daughter or spouse, when they can no longer care for them) by the well-rewarded 'executive' bureaucrats and 'people's representatives' in our parley-a-ments who 'manage' (control) the disability industry.

This is not to mention, of course, the deafening silence of our 'leading' churchmen (sic) regarding this appalling, anti-social and anti-democratic reality in the midst of this our 'Rich Country', and the hubris of those who sit at the apex of economic and political power in this country - the handfull of men and women who are the Business Council of Australia !
Posted by Sowat, Tuesday, 22 February 2011 9:51:36 AM
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The Neo Libs have done damage to all sectors of society...I'm not surprised that disabled folks are feeling their impact.

What "New Liberalism" really means is freedom to acquire wealth regardless of impact...really they are thieves who would rather be regarded as entrepreneurs. Can't blame them for trying I guess.

Look at what Neoliberalism has done to the countries that most completely embraced it: The US and Britain. It has virtually bankrupted them. In the name of "efficiency" it has denuded all strategic manufacturing, reduced the middle class, increased the numbers of poor, put the entire financial system at risk and for what? A couple of hundred billionaires got to play king for a few years.
By maximising their own profits they have handed almost all of their historical economic power to the Chinese, Korea and other Asian nations whilst reducing their children's opportunities. In economic terms, Australians have gone backwards in matters that are important. (Cheap TVs are nothing if your rivers are polluted, cities overpopulated and kids unemployed.)
Gathering wealth is *not* the same as creating it, and high profits are *not* good for the is a sign of failure to compete and failure to let wealth circulate and live. Static wealth dies, and spending a large proportion of GDP on already wealthy is a complete waste of resources.
I guess this is why revolutions happen periodically: The greedy are seen as "successful" and government (both parties) is just the handmaidens of the coalition of the greedy (via party funding).
Good luck with a decent lifestyle with disability...god knows it's tricky enough to get ahead even with university degrees and working full time! Like the honest NeoLibs say "Choose your parents carefully".
Posted by Ozandy, Tuesday, 22 February 2011 10:04:31 AM
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Having 'lived' on a Disability Support Pension for three years now, I was gutted to read the Business Council statement. There goes my free ride in life I thought, but I'll be OK. I already have a job, 10hrs a week I can manage, thanks to an incredibly flexible and understanding employer. So with my grand total of $200 a week to live on, up to $100 sometimes goes on medication...that leaves $100 for the $570/mth mortgage and... hmm doesn't quite work does it. I'm lucky. I get help from my family but seriously these guys need a little dose of reality. A few weeks in my 3 bedroom unairconditioned home with my 4 kids during Perths longest stretch of hot weather would be a good start.
Sure, having a job is a great feeling, but so is having food, water and a roof over your head.
Posted by greentreefrog, Monday, 28 February 2011 1:08:23 PM
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Neo-liberalism certainly degrades people with disabilities and the proposal by the Business Council of Australia highlights all that is wrong with a market based approach to welfare support for people with disabilities.

It's bad enough that they are among the most disadvantaged in the community but to expect them to take a cut in their pension entitlements to pay for the Flood Levy by making them to go out and find a job, just shows out out of touch the Business Council of Australia really is.

Centrelink's criteria for eligibility for the Disability Support Pension includes not being able to work for 15 hours or more per week at or above the relevant minimum wage or be re-skilled for such work for at least the next 2 years because of disability.

How many employers from the Business Council of Australia are willing to take on people with disabilities for less than 15 hours per week and support them to stay in employment? Let them put their hands up!

Not only that, but there are many people with disabilities who through no fault of their own, do not have the capacity to work at all. They require full time care. They also need compassion from the Business Council not meaningless Neo-liberal drivel designed to cut welfare support.
Posted by Couta, Saturday, 5 March 2011 8:43:22 PM
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