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The Forum > Article Comments > The futility of UN Security Council resolutions > Comments

The futility of UN Security Council resolutions : Comments

By Kourosh Ziabari, published 17/6/2010

The Security Council is notorious for its exercise of double standards: its resolutions are often futile, ineffective, biased and unbinding.

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This sounds like a quite reasonable summary.
Cue the pro-Israel "But the holocaust...the Holocaust!!" and "Iran threatened to blow us off them map!" as if it were some sort of defence. ( 1) Get over it. 2) They didn't. It was a misprint of a quote of flowery language, not a direct threat.)
What really concerns me is the back-room influence of Israel in the West is pretty obvious now, yet governments (& media) still pretend that Israel is just another friendly country like everyone else.
I get that Iran has oil and therefore "belongs" to the US banking system just like Iraq...what I don't get is why US, England and everyone else puts up with this bully-boy stuff over many decades? What exactly has Israel got? Have they impregnated every democratic government with reps? (the Zionist conspiracy?), or have they threatened underhanded war (the US mad-dog theory?), or do they just have powerful friends...or is there a genuine reason why Israel can be "off the hook" for constant aggression since they were created? (Sorry, self defence is a silly reason for provocative aggression as it is clearly self-defeating.)
In short: Why is the world treating Israel so completely differently and so blatantly to everyone else? Does anyone have any insight?
Posted by Ozandy, Thursday, 17 June 2010 12:26:53 PM
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Yes I couldn't agree more.
The double standard is disgusting. Iran is subject to more rigorous inspection by the IAEA than any other country in the world, and by all accounts (other than those of the Israelis) they do not have a nuclear weapons program. They have every right to enrich their own uranium provided it is for peaceful purposes yet the US and Israel is trying to prevent them from doing so. I cannot help but feel that this has absolutely nothing to do with risk posed to the world, but to do with the way Iran raises its middle finger at the US and continues to vociferously challenge the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories. Iran has never (at least in the past couple of hundred years) waged a war of aggression on its neighbours. That is a record that few other nations particularly the US or Israel can boast of.
Having said that, it would not be surprising if Iran did want Nukes. They are constantly threatened with being bombed by Israel quite openly stating that it has plans to bomb Irans Nuclear facilities and by the US which likes to "keep all options on the table". Could you imagine how we in Australia would feel if the worlds only superpower plus the only nuclear armed regime in the region with such a history of aggression was constantly threatening to bomb us. I think we would want the protection afforded by Nuclear weapons.
Posted by Rhys Jones, Thursday, 17 June 2010 2:09:08 PM
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A simple google search shows who are the belligerent and dangerous ones.

Iran wipe out Israel.....389,000 results.
Israel bomb Iran.......1,480,000 results.

But it is Iran being sanctioned not Israel.
Iran is being sanctioned because they might, sometime, maybe make a nuclear bomb.
Israel has hundreds of nuclear bombs but they arent even forced to join the NPT.

Israel is a rogue state. Its own "axis of evil". A terrorist state.
We all must press our leaders to introduce sanctions on the worlds new "apartheid regime" and smash them the same as the racist government in Sth Africa was smashed. Who knows maybe in 20 yrs we could see the soccer world cup being played jointly in Israel/Palestine like it is now in Sth Africa. Something impossible to imagine not so long ago. I hope you semites dont have them vuvuzelas.
Posted by mikk, Thursday, 17 June 2010 8:09:57 PM
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Look, you guys don't get it! Israel is a nation that doesn't have to obey U.N. Resolutions. It doesn't have to conform with International Laws. It can ignore Human Rights Conventions.

You see, Israel, with the most moral army in the world, is on a superior plane to all other nations. We lesser countries just have to live with the fact that Israel, without asking, has put itself on a pedestal, one far above us. Why is this?

It's something to do with religion. America, a Christian country, is involved as well. Even God is involved. And nukes.

Please God, take your Children and Americans to your bosom soon and leave the rest of us mere mortals in peace.
Posted by David G, Thursday, 17 June 2010 8:53:44 PM
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The answer to the proverbial ever present question as to Israel’s defiance of UN Resolutions regarding its culpable felonious motive operandi in the field of modern civilised international law and relations is so utterly discernible that the fact that we all know it, makes it ever so much more infuriating.

We need the unambiguous, unembellished acknowledgement and acceptance of facts over myth and the courage to state those facts indifference to the barrage of vilification that will follow for having the audacity to state them. Purpose recruited agent provocateurs have flourished since the inception of the Internet; they are a forte of propagandists aligned to the present status quo and that also requires awareness. The answer must be void of cunning Israeli Gov’t manipulation and inventiveness as has taken place over the past 62 years, void of religion, disconnected from the past 2000 years of contrived western church doctrine and myth associated with the adoption of the eastern Semite family faith, void of western desires and avarice for what lies below the grounds of Western Asia and lastly, the answer must be void of western elusory perceptions of superiority.

For far too long now these influences have taken precedence over the truth and this has allowed a festering sore to spread its infectious puss destabilising and spreading fear, death and destruction throughout whole world resulting in continued western ambivalences to act jointly and cohesively to rein Israel in and bring peace to the world.

In his 1951 retirement speech to Congress, General Douglas MacArthur, still regarded by millions of US citizens as the country’s number 1 hero stated; “Asian peoples, will continue to drive for independence from the West and for material progress and this drive may not be stopped. The U.S. must orient its policies in consonance with this basic evolutionary condition, rather than pursue a course blind to the reality that the colonial era is now past and the Asian peoples covet the right to shape their own destiny. What they seek now is friendly guidance, understanding and support…..not imperious direction….the dignity of equality…..not the shame of subjugation."
Posted by Westralis, Friday, 18 June 2010 2:24:18 AM
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OZ Andy, that is horrible what you wrote. Iran's in-bred hick leader has REPEATEDLY threatened Israel's destruction, aside from his general predictions that Israel will collapse by other means.

You are an apologist in the same way the Chamberlain's apologised for Hitler. Sure, Iran is no Germany - they are a backwards, insular looking nation, but given that most of it's people are young and just want to be able to vote like you and I, and have their own choice of hairstyle without being arrested, do YOU think Iran's regime should be toppled?

The OTHERS here (and the writer, it's so sad that it is just typical, as soon as you see an Arab name writing an article you just know it's bagging Israel - so BLIND!).

I don't know about the 1000's of civilians Israel has deliberately killed, but I do know that when the wall went up, tens of thousands of Palestinians submitted applications asking if they could live on the Israeli side of the fence, because they have better hospital care, schools, welfare system, and so on.

Now, I think that is ALL that matters. Israel is a democracy which allows dissent, i.e. Arab-Israeli's frequently denounce policy, yet do not fear death. Gays are allowed in Israel. There is genuine political debate.

NOTHING EVEN REMOTELY like this exists in any surrounding Arab backwater, so one has to admit Israel runs the better show.

Therefore, I think let Israel expand and run the whole region because it is a force for good.
Posted by Benjam1n, Sunday, 20 June 2010 7:54:08 AM
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