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The Forum > Article Comments > Haiti and holocausts > Comments

Haiti and holocausts : Comments

By Carla Garapedian, published 12/2/2010

Why can't we galvanise the same level of empathy to aid not only the victims of natural disasters but of genocide?

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The USA stepped in to take control of the airport and send in its soldiers. The USA will never leave. Haiti produces cheap goods wanted in the USA. The USA needs to continue exploiting this workforce. Next step Venezuela and 'saving the oil' for the population of the USA.
Posted by Country girl, Friday, 12 February 2010 9:55:54 AM
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“…western governments have consistently turned their backs on stopping that most horrible of horrible disasters, genocide, even when the evidence is right in front of them” - because that sort of interference in a country would lead to outright war with at least one country other than the one any action was taken against.

Humanitarian aid will be accepted by any government, no matter how evil those governments are. No governments or their allies will sit back and accept military action – the only action available against genocide. What we might call genocide, is quite legitimate in the minds of governments likely to carry out such atrocities.

The ‘screamers’ wanting Australia to step into East Timor in 1975 were too naïve or stupid to realise that a war between Australia and Indonesia would be the inevitable result of such action. They were as naïve and as unaware as Carla Garapedian is.
Posted by Leigh, Friday, 12 February 2010 10:55:01 AM
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From razor burns to inclement weather, from cook books to a soccer game, everything, every platform is fair game for the relentless Armenian propagandists to exploit. Haiti disaster was no exception. The writer wonders why don't the alleged Armenian genocide arouse the same kind of passion for empathy and help.

Let's see now. For one thing, Haitian disaster is real, victims are genuine, and their story is true. No fakeries or deceptions there. Secondly, Haitian did not tae up arms agaisnt their own government like the Ottoman Armenians did. Haitians did not resort to bloody revolts, heinous terrorism, shameless treason, and massacres of Muslim, mostly Turks, like Armenians did. Thirdly, Haitians did not lie about their bloody and treasonous record to the world to hoodwink them into feing pity for Haitions, like the Armenians constantly do.

Shall I continue?
Posted by HonestAbe, Saturday, 13 February 2010 2:14:59 AM
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I think opinion online editors should exercise better judgment than this in selecting articles for publication. Armenian Propagandists are expert at getting these innocuous -seemingly harmless- articles published for the well-hidden purpose of spreading their ingrained ethnic hatred against the Turkish People. We don't want to be drawn into their century-old vendetta from WWI Anatolia! These Armenian ropagandists spread slander and libel against anyone who disagrees with their interpretation of history - reserving a special measure of venom for Turks! They need to be told that the people who killed their ancestors are long dead and the historical evidence shows that they didn't die in a "Genocide". slandering leading historians by calling them "Deniers" won't change the clear facts of History". Using paid Armenian agents like Samantha Powers, whose book I promoted by the Armenian lobby to as a financial payback to an agent who served the Armenian cause well.
Another so called genocide scholar (an invention of Armenian lobby to dupe unsuspecting people into believing tall Armenian tall tales) is Taner Akcam who was exposed to be a paid Armenian agent (financiers: Cafesjian Foundation and Zoryan Institute, both notorious anti-Turkish racist Armenian formations.)
Whereas the facts are plain and simple: Armenians revolted to create an apartheid (i.e. Greater Armenia) during a time when Armenians thought Turks were finished with brutal foreign invasions from many fronts during the worst possible time for Turks: during a world war. The Ottoman Empire, fighting for survival, temporarily resettled its treasonous elements (most but not all Armenians) to non-war zones of the Empire (thus it is not even a deportation.) Due to wartime conditions, epidemics, starvation, and other wartime conditions, a human tragedy unfolded which engulfed not only Armenians but also Muslims expelled by Russians. Using selective sources, biased writers, and incessant propaganda will not change these facts. Grieving for Armenian deaths but ignoring Turkish deaths is selective morality. Want to see pictures of Armenians armed to the teeth and their Turkish victims? Go to: It is time to call a spade a spade: it was wartime suffering, not genocide
Posted by HonestAbe, Saturday, 13 February 2010 2:40:55 AM
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