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The Forum > General Discussion > Gonski under different Governments? (Part one)

Gonski under different Governments? (Part one)

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Both the Liberal and Labor Government discovered that school-funding issues needed to solved when in charge of the Australian Federal Government. For instance, unfair funding distribution between public and private education sectors leaves many schools and students in a vulnerable situation (Kenway, 2013). Therefore, because of the issues, schools and students cannot receive appropriate assistance for their level of education (Kenway, 2013). Regarding the school funding issues, the then Labor Minister for Education, Julia Gillard, claimed Gonski Report will be a useful strategy for school funding issues in 2010. Thus, in 2013, when Julia Gillard became Australian Prier Minister, the Labor Government promoted a national movement named “Better Schools for all Australians” which aimed to reach the goals of the Gonski Report (Lewis, 2013). Nevertheless, the Queensland Premier, Campbell Newman stated, if he signed the agreement of Gonski funding plan, at that point, it would increase bureaucracy and some Queensland schools may receive less funding than under the current funding model (ABC news, 2013). Although, the Labor Government was trying to drive the Gonski model more efficiently, it was difficult to keep funding levels intact. At the end of 2013, Labor's higher education spokesperson Kim Carr announced, the Labor party is going to shorten the Gonski plan without notifying the tertiary sector (Griffiths, 2013). On the other hand, the current Education Minister, Christopher Pyne, said during the 2013 Federal election the Liberals would honour Gonski until the end of 2014, putting an extra 230 million dollars in Queensland, the Northern Territory and Western Australia (Ministers’ Media Centre, 2013a; 2013b). Beyond 2014, a new funding model would be implemented, and Christopher Pyne claimed that the current model has too many “command and control” features (Ministers’ Media Centre, 2013(a)). The new model will aim to be less descriptive, leaving operations of schools up to the states and to “reduce our footprint in schools” (Ministers’ Media Centre, 2013b). Both of the governments seem to be trying to contribute their best to facilitate the benefit for schools and students across Australia by continuing to implement the Gonski model.
Posted by Blue Sky, Saturday, 24 May 2014 5:17:19 PM
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This is 'Gonski under different government' Part two

The party in power influences the funding distribution and the amount of
funding supply from the Federal Government and the changing funding
policies. The argument between two parties, makes the Gonski model not
reliable and is possibly confuses people over what are current funding
policies and are they still eligible to apply the funding at all. In some
people’s views, it does not matter which party governs the Federal
Government, as long as they make the commitment to come true and clarify for
schools and students so they can understand how they can receive their right
from the government.

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Posted by Blue Sky, Monday, 26 May 2014 2:20:36 PM
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Gonski is popular among voters, another reason to up the GST instead of demolishing peoples lifestyle.
Posted by 579, Monday, 26 May 2014 2:33:56 PM
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