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Age Discrimination

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"Aidan's been on the turps again."
What've you been smoking that brought you to that conclusion? I've never been on the turps in my life!

"NDIS is clearly not self-funding or there wouldn't be any need for taxpayers to be robbed to pay for it."
Firstly, I said LARGELY self funding, not COMPLETELY self funding.
Secondly, the way it would cover its costs is by enabling more disabled people to work. Doing so means more tax revenue. But because costs would be recovered through the tax system, you'd still be complaining about the cost to taxpayers.
Thirdly, I'd expect there to be a time lag between the costs and benefits.

"But of course, you would expect such waffle from someone who still goes on about 'free' credit which never has to be paid back."
It is a FACT that Australia has unlimited credit as long as it sticks to its present policy of only borrowing in Australian dollars. It is impossible to even contrive a hypothetical set of financial circumstances that would force Australia to default on its debt, yet you seem to be worried that a bigger debt would make such an impossible outcome likely!

But I did not describe such credit as "free". Such a description would be misleading, as there are always consequences - but the consequences are not what you blindly assume them to be, and at this stage of the economic cycle they're overwhelmingly positive.

Furthermore, there's nothing special about the value of zero debt. If, in a future boom,
we run enough surpluses to eliminate the debt, we shouldn't use elimination of the debt as an excuse to stop running surpluses.
Posted by Aidan, Monday, 15 May 2017 3:58:35 PM
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You people talk as though Centrelink is a sweet pink powder puff, handing out
welfare like Lollies.

Centrelink, is a very tough organisation.

They have to be, and they are.

Don't think all you have to do is go to your Dr. With your disability, they have their own
Drs. Dont think you only have to fill out a couple of pages to apply. It's more like
My brother-in-law, at the age of 64years, Had cancer and had a lung out.
Centrelink put him on Newstart, and said, "you are not dying are you" , He said,
I don't know that, I'm not a Dr. Sure enough 6months later he was dead.
Isn't there some way they could be a bit more compassionate with someone at 64years
who is dying.
Les worked hard all his life and was still working before he got sick.
I think they were too tough in that case. But they Seem too soft with a lot of the young fit aboriginals on welfare and the Afican gangs
Posted by CHERFUL, Tuesday, 16 May 2017 8:53:01 PM
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