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The Forum > Article Comments > The end of free market fundamentalism not of the mixed economy > Comments

The end of free market fundamentalism not of the mixed economy : Comments

By Harry Clarke, published 5/12/2008

Society will change as a consequence of the financial crisis and incentives for 'get-rich-quick' schemes through borrowing will be diminished.

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rhian it was barely in the news yesterday[about the polititions pay increase ,but the fact is average wages is not what the [or any] average person gets

[you see my bro rich people get a lot [poor people as you seem to noew understand very little[but the average medium is a pure fiction]

a non egsitant CREATED fiction
lets put it in simple words for simple people we have a boss and his fifty workers [but the 'boss' wage is half the number] polititions letting a govt body set its wage[a 100,000 dollar increase] allows the public servants and judges and state polititions et al to proportuinatly increase their wage WAY ABOUVE inflation too.

but the working slobs dont even get inflation
[do they even have the same board?]

GIVE the minimum wage earners
the same increase percentage polititions got on thursday

when we add the haves with the haveNOTS
you get the increasing medium wage

[but to the poor a wage decrease ,as ANYTHING below inflation level is a wage-cut in REAL wages]and wages for the poor are held under inflation.[even held below the fictional inflation number]

but heh you go boy [you talk about the fiction figures all you like
but average aint THE average wage for anyone]
[any 'real' wage earner that is]
# thus its a lie]
Posted by one under god, Sunday, 7 December 2008 1:43:02 PM
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