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The Forum > Article Comments > Israel - created by terrorism > Comments

Israel - created by terrorism : Comments

By Anne Alexander and John Rose, published 30/5/2008

The state of Israel was founded 60 years ago out of a monstrous crime - the expulsion of nearly a million Palestinians from their homes.

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I did-not even know-about the Belfour-agreement of WWI until recently,

let-alone this >>new-agreement<<, since much-of the-news on television is manipulated by our-government and-corporations it-is well we-are here to help each-other understand how-we got-here ,

how-WE-got-to where eli-teist neo-cons religious nutter'sss of all types-of-beliefs seem-to want-us to go-to the end-time war to-end all war?

;ie armogeddon
For-what; mearly to-despoil all_gods_creation into-dust ,or cash.

It seems there-was an-agreement [the bell-four agreement]
but there-is two agreements ,one no-one speaks of!

many Americans-believe that the-conflict between Islam_and_Israel started with Abraham, and-that somehow, the U.S. got-pulled-into >>a family feud << that-is killing thousands of our soldiers and loved ones.

Ok it-isnt far-from the_truth

We_are_ALL children of-the ONE_GOD ,

god_alone weeps for-EVERY-futile death in this political_LIE that facilitates ongoing insanity to brothers-[and]-sisters_children-of-the-ONE_GOD ,all-of-us-are children-of god

IT must-be undeniable that-ALL life was given ONLY-by gods will,

each-of-us has been given this GIFT of life
FROM the_same_GOD

DOES it-not seem reason-able that to-respect_OUR_own GIFT-of-life, that we simply respect ALL life?

IF_not for life [FOR GOD?]

Think of where we-have all-come from to-get to-be living today
[by gods will alone]
have we been given the gift of reason ,

we live in a time where-even MORTAL_enemies can_communicate together [on-the same blog]

Ask_why_our_leaders arnt-doing-this?

Could it be that some power seeks to blind-them to kill-all-life?

Could not our very leaders be decieved ?

by such-a one like-as satan
[who refused to bow before adam even though his [our] own G-D demanded it?]

[he [the-angel-of-death] is the seeker of death of all life

;HE-who swore to return all_life back to the dust!

if you look at the video you-will see-that it doesn't depict Israelis and Americans as being against Arabs - or jews or africans , burmise nor chinese nor russions

it shows how we-are all_the same.
Same blood, same wishes, same needs...


Here see this the video: Stop the Clash

Let us join as one
For the only god

beyond naming ,Thus-being-knowable-by-HIS-creation[life]

who is sustaining all living ,all-life

who is all loving , all grace and mercy

may_HIS_peace be_upon-US-ALL
Posted by one under god, Friday, 30 May 2008 10:28:45 PM
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From the responses to the article it is clear that some things are self evident, and anyone who disagrees is an anti-semitic holocaust denier who the Mossad should silence:

These truths are:

1. Israel can do no wrong.

2. No Israeli can do wrong.

3. That because Solomon's empire went from the Sinai to the Litani River, so should Israel.

4. That 'Palestine' was a land without people waiting for people without a land' (ergo, the 'people' who lived there were not really people, just 'arabs', the bastard sons of Esau.)

5. That the 'Palestinians' (remember, these are not people, as the land was without people) should be made to pay for the sins of Europe from the Dreyfus case to the Final Solution.

6. That any criticism of Israel 'foreign policy' can be countered by accusations of 'anti-semitism'.

7. That Israel can legitimately claim to be a democracy whilst holding defacto control over millions of non-Israelis.

8. That it is okay that Israel is the only state in the world to have expanded its borders by means of conquest since 1945. (Oh, I forgot, any land that Israel says is within its borders is automatically within its borders, so the statement re expansion cannot be true.)
Posted by Hamlet, Friday, 30 May 2008 11:57:27 PM
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Actually these two are citing the works of many Israeli historians brave enough to tell the truth and I am reading a book by a Scotsman brave enough to tell the truth about the so-called liberation of Europe from nazi Germany and the zionist and stern and Irgun terrorists learnt well from us.

Yes us. An Australian was in charge of murdering upwards of 30,000 German refugees in one fell swoop after the liberation, and we were with the British and others when they expelled 16 million Germans, killed 2.25 - 3 million of them after the armistice and left the jews to die in the concentration camps with all the others they threw into them.

Official figures for the Jewish populations of Germany in 1933 were 450,000, two thirds whom fled before the holocaust.

IN Austria it was only 180,000 and two thirds of them escaped. Where the 6 million comes from is obviously another load of bunkum.

What the US would do is take propoganda pictures with dead bodies, but they were the ones keeping them locked up by then and they were dying at the rate of 200 per day.

These films were then used to allow even more inhuman practices on the innocent German civilians because the US had decided that every German was bad. Ring any bells folks?

The book is After the Reich by Giles MacDonough and is a shocking indictment on all of us.
Posted by Marilyn Shepherd, Saturday, 31 May 2008 2:43:26 AM
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Marilyn Shepherd, your figures re German and Austrian Jews may be right or wrong, but these figures do not tell the whole story.

The Germans systematically killed millions of Jews and Gypsies, and started on Slavs, not just from Germany and Austria, but from Poland (remember the Warsaw Ghetto? Poland had a pre-war Jewish population of around 3 million), Russia, the Ukraine, France, Belgium, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, the Netherlands (remember Anne Frank? She was a Dutch Jew).

British historian Martin Gilbert, a socialist Jew who is a critic of Israel estimates 5,750,000 Jews dying due to German activities.

Even that notorious Holocaust denier David Irving acknowledges that millions of Jews died, he just falsely claims that they were not systematically killed.

The enormous mass of evidence is that around 6 millions Jews were killed. Around 250,000 Gypsies were killed, a number in similar proportion to their population to the Jews.

I grew up with kids whose parents were holocaust survivors, and who had lost grandparents, uncles aunts and other relatives in the Shoah. Don't try telling me that the holocaust did not happen.

Marilyn, you should read more widely than just one book.
Posted by Hamlet, Saturday, 31 May 2008 10:38:16 AM
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Hi all...My name is.."Marilyn"... I love to find a book which matches my opinions..fits my prejudices and makes me feel good...then I raise that book to the level of 'Inspired'..and come to OLO :)

sorry M..but you do ask for it a bit.


Now..I just 'know' some are going to jump on me about dat :)
Posted by BOAZ_David, Saturday, 31 May 2008 5:46:58 PM
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"one under god" said that as Arabs are also Semites, anti-semitism includes attacking arabs.

I am sorry, one-under-god, but this argument is based on a complete ignorance of the term “antiSemtitism” and its history – or on total intellectual dishonesty. It is also anti-Semitic in the real sense of the term and, in my experience, is used only by people who are anti-Semitic (in its true, undistorted meaning) but who are not honest enough to admit it.

To make such a statement suggests that the term only came into existence when the Israeli's and Palestinians/Arabs conflicts/disputes came into existence and that is a gross and palpable distortion and anachronistic approach.

When the term came into existence and common useage there was no Israeli/Jewish v Palestinian/Arab conflict in a sense where the Jews were likely to want to marginalize or exclude the Arabs but there was massive anti-Jewish prejudice and action(s) and had been for centuries - pogroms, expulsions, expropriations, ignorant prejudice about such things as blood sacrifice, government lies such at the Protocols of the Elders of Zions, the deliberate impoverishment of Jews at the same time as governments fanned anti-Semitism to divert attention (see Poland and Germany between the wars, Poland until 1967). The ultimate example of anti-Semitism was the Holocaust (which Marilyn says did not really happen) The only Semites that were in Europe were the Jews and the term was one used in a European context. It is only recently when there have been attempts again to depersonalize the Jews (e.g., not using the term "Israel" but talking of the "Zionists", not talking about "Israeli policies" but "Zionist policies") that this somewhat spurious argument has surfaced.

In this context it is used to deny that there is or has been any actions/pogroms/persecution of Jews and seeks to depersonalize them, just as Hitler did – except that Hitler, unlike people who trot this argument out was honest because he admitted his anti-Semitism. The argument diminishes, indeed, hides and denies (and is calculated to hide) the horrors actually committed in the name of anti-Semitism in its real meaning.
Posted by Plaza-Toro, Saturday, 31 May 2008 8:24:28 PM
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