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The Forum > Article Comments > Is Warren Buffett wrong about oil stocks? > Comments

Is Warren Buffett wrong about oil stocks? : Comments

By John Manfreda, published 8/4/2015

The main reason his investment in Burlington Northern Railroad was successful, was due to the fact that he made this investment during the 2008 crisis, when prices were low.

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There's a fairly simple formula for successful investment, buy on the fall, sell on the rise; and, never ever panic.

And given our complete dependency on energy; energy stocks are hardly ever a bad investment; but particularly, that which halves the cost to the energy consumer!

People will always vote with their hip pockets. Besides, there's a finite limit to their ability to use more and more of finite funds for energy, which given it is been maximized for decade;, is very heavily impacting on the very life blood of the domestic economy, discretionary spending!

That said, even someone as rich a Warren Buffet, is till able to be adversely affected by computer programs which buy and sell in microseconds; and just on the fraction of a fraction of financial movement, and in multiple millions by the minute!

And something along with short selling, should be banned everywhere there'a logically managed stock market!

Perhaps we could get this stuff stopped by just apply an entirely unavoidable expenditure tax to all outward money movements/expenditure?

And given the sheer scale of these same economy and nation harming money movements, just simply tax them out of existence?

Short selling i.e. is simply put, selling stocks you don't yet own an option on; at a profit and at scale, thus forcing down the buy price, then cornering the market/exercising your options/supplying your buyers, while the stocks remain depressed!

However, if the markup involved was just 2% (2 million) and the tax 5% of all expenditure?

One would be guaranteed to run at a considerable (3 million)loss!

Similarly computer generated buy and sell movements by the micro second, would also, given the sheer volume and size, generate possible trillions for the host economies!

Taxing all the expenditure without exception, completely negates any possible reason to continue these economy destructive practices?

And therefore, explains some of the most powerful motivation to kill the idea of an expenditure tax (stillborn) taken as the only tax needed or taken!

And capital gains only taxed, when you start to spend the proceeds or buy anew!
Posted by Rhrosty, Wednesday, 8 April 2015 12:53:55 PM
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