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No freedom to choose : Comments

By Nicola Wright, published 13/6/2018

And it's not just government departments who are guilty of it. Influential celebrities sometimes lever their popularity to try and change us for the better.

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Commonsense is an item in low supply, particularly among libertarians given Nicola Wright's article. Sadly it is Governments end up picking up the pieces when common sense is not used. It is therefore in a Government's financial interest to incentivize more common sense. Let's not have laws about wearing seat belts, because common sense will ensure that you are never hit by another vehicle.

The things Nicola Wright was raging against also included rules that stop idiots making life unpleasant for other people. Street drinking, smoking, nightclub lock outs, carrying weapons into court rooms. Common sense will no doubt stop people without commonsense from being obnoxious.

perhaps the Government should legislate a minimum requirement of common sense for everyone.
Posted by Agronomist, Thursday, 14 June 2018 1:30:27 PM
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Agronomist, I applaud your sentiments.
I have been preaching that I want to see more reason and common sense in the populous and not just here in the forum.
The problem with that premise is that firstly you must have mature adults.
Unfortunately I have discussed at length that Australians are lacking in the pre-requisites to be able to master the art of common sense and reason.
This is most evident within the scribes of some on this forum.
I have concluded that even some of the most intelligent of people suffer from a severe lack of reason and common sense.
So it is you see, that IQ is not a precursor to nor does it work in tandem with reason or common sense.
Now EQ on the other hand is a more appropriate measure when it comes to assessing ones ability to reason and their level of common sense. Having self annalysed many years ago I am satisfied I have a slightly elevated amount of both IQ and EQ, along with a slightly raised level of pragmatism thereby making it possible for me to master a fair amount of reason and common sense.
Because of this I find it difficult to engage with some of the more dogged commentors who will not engage in reasonable debate but insist on pushing their agenda, no matter what anyone says.
I do not wear fools and being that I am a proud person I am not in the habit of saying untruths.
If I do it is because that is what I was told, and would ask to be corrected immediately, because the introduction of untruths or half truths only promote the wrong outcome of a discussion or debate.
BTW, my background is engineering.
A job that requires strict adhesion to maturity and pragmatism.
In other words reason and common sense.
Posted by ALTRAV, Thursday, 14 June 2018 11:31:28 PM
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Last week, Sen.Cory Bernardi informed of the following incident that highlights the worst of the nanny state.

"Mum, Dad and their 18-year-old daughter visited their local liquor store to purchase a couple of bottles of wine to bring to our place for dinner.

When going to pay, the parents were refused service unless their daughter provided proof of age identification.

The parents politely explained that the wine was for them and their daughter had nothing to do with the purchase.

The store attendant (equally politely) explained that because the young lady looked under 25 it was ‘the law’ she had to provide ID even if the purchase wasn’t for her.

I have no idea if it is the law or not but if it is, it only serves to demonstrate how stupid government has become.

Let’s break this stupidity down to its essence.

In this case, two adults (parents) weren’t able to purchase a legal product because they were accompanied by their daughter, who also happened to be an adult, but didn’t have identification to prove it.
The fact that this individual was not involved in the purchase at all (aside from being with her parents) meant nothing.

When the father suggested his wife and daughter leave the premises and he would buy the products, this was again refused because ‘the cameras would identify it as a ruse to break the law’.

So let’s be very clear what this means. An adult is not able to purchase a legal product if they happen to have another person with them who doesn’t meet some predetermined criteria.

It would logically mean that an adult cannot purchase cigarettes or alcohol if they have their infant child with them. I guess the government thinks it would be better to leave them in the car, or alone on the street rather than be with a parent in a store."
Posted by Raycom, Sunday, 17 June 2018 12:21:46 PM
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Raycom, I'm a full bottle on this topic.
There is always more than one reason for the existence of anything.
Laws are no different.
Firstly, apart from the obvious reasons for laws, their main function is not to keep society in line, it's to do with revenue.
Secondly and probably more importantly is that the laws are there to benefit and assist the law enforcers and legal profession.
The 'good people don't need laws.
The bad people don't respect laws.
So what do we have?
A system which is clearly inadequate, ineffective and just plain wrong.
We are charged and fined for the 'possibility' of 'maybe' doing something wrong.
A speed limit is set on a particular road.
How was it reasoned that that was the maximum speed for that road?
No answer.
This is the standard by which we live.
We are expected to follow the rules, because..........
Think about it, it's just about money.
These idiots that come up with or write up these laws, are both stupid and lazy.
So many people's lives have been ruined by the system when NO actual harm was in the mix.
Even DUI.
A random breath test, no one is involved just gets stopped.
He blows over, loses his license, most times his job, wife leaves.
Now if the stupid legal system and the utter fools who run it would only stop and think.
Hang on a minute, we want money, why don't we hit him with a big fine, let him keep his license so he can work, probably harder to pay for the fine, which means he may not have the free time or money to engage in drinking as much as before and anyway he needs most of that money to pay the fine.
Now this way the govt get their 'blood money', the guy keeps his job and his family and avoids the very real risk of ending up in jail as would happen with the current legal mentality.
Posted by ALTRAV, Sunday, 17 June 2018 9:21:33 PM
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